Archdiocesan Stewardship Award Nominations are on now

Nominations are now being accepted for the Archdiocesan Stewardship Award. Nominations are due to the Stewardship Awards Committee by December 31, 2014.

Purpose and Scope:
This award honours members of the laity who have provided exceptional service in time, talent or treasure to the Church through the Archdiocese, their parishes or through affiliated community groups or associations over an extended period of time.

Nomination Procedures:
Nominations of individuals who fulfil the established criteria can be made by anyone in confidence to the Stewardship Award Committee by filling out an online nomination form.

By virtue of the requirement for long service or involvement, meaning over several years, all Nominees must be adults. Posthumous nominations will only be considered if the nominee passed away recently.

Number of Awards, Frequency and Presentation:
Up to 30 awards will be presented every two years by the Archbishop at a special Mass of Archdiocesan celebration, followed by a reception. Awardees will receive a commemorative pin.

Recommendations for the award will be made by the Stewardship Award Committee. The final decision will be made by the Archbishop. All nominations will remain confidential.

Selection Process and Criteria:

(1) The Archbishop appoints a Stewardship Award Committee.

(2) The Stewardship Award Committee invites anyone, including parishes, schools and other Catholic organizations in the archdiocese, to submit nominations to the Committee by a predetermined deadline (December 31 in 2014).

(3) Each letter of nomination remains confidential. It must include the following information:

The nominee’s parish;

An outline of the exceptional, long term commitment of time, talent or treasure to involvement or service to the Church, either through the Archdiocese, the parish or in communities, groups or associations, and details of the length of time and/or the magnitude of the service or involvement that make the nominee an outstanding example of the ideals of Christian stewardship;

One paragraph (minimum) detailing the reason for the nomination and signed and dated by the nominator.

(4) The Stewardship Award Committee reviews all nominations and makes a recommendation to the Archbishop. The Pastor of those selected for the Stewardship Award may be asked to certify that, to the best of his knowledge, the nominee is a practicing Catholic.

(5) Any nominee who is not chosen to receive the award may be nominated again in future years.

(6) The nomination process is to be strictly confidential.