Letter of Thanks from Rev. Fr. Frank Landry

Dear Friends,
I wanted to afford myself of this opportunity to express to all of you my sincere gratitude for your support of St. Stephen’s Parish and of me personally over the last seven years. Your generosity to the parish and to me have been a sure expression of faith and charity. It is evidence to me of the love of Christ in you.
St. Augustine said to his flock, “I am a bishop for you, but a Christian with you”. I don’t have to worry about the bishop part (thank God in His goodness!) but I was a pastor for you and a Christian with you. While I may guide and teach; I also grow and learn. In this, I have been blessed in my parish appointments.
As a pastor, one must exercise their best judgments to the parish and give their best effort for that good. It may not perfectly suit each parishioner and may even cause some challenges. I certainly hope that no one is left with any hurt because of me and I can only say that my weaknesses I know are more obvious to others than to myself. Yet, we must all seek God’s great goodness and try to live by that for each other. I hope I have helped in some small way to let you know His goodness is for you.
I will certainly remember St. Stephen’s and its people (even though the memory is slipping a little!) In my prayers for you, and your prayers for me ,we will be united in Christ. We are part of the communion of saints together. While we still have some ways to go, we share His mercy as a living truth in His love for each of us.
Thank you again for your kindness and generosity, particularly in the greetings and gifts in the last couple of weeks. Please extend to Fr Schwab the same support and example of Christian life you have shared with me.
In Christ’s love always,
Fr. Frank Landry

Portrait of Fr. Landry
Portrait of the Rev. Fr. Landry.