Man Alive 2015: “We can’t do it alone.”

Man Alive 2015: Desire, Design, and Destiny- “We can’t do it alone.” That’s the theme for this year’s evening men’s conference, so bring a friend to Man Alive with Christopher West who will be speaking about authentic manhood: Desire, Design, and Destiny. God’s design for our desires is not that we suffocate them, but that we liberate them at their deepest level so they can lead us to our ultimate destiny: eternal bliss in union with him forever. That is what authentic manhood is all about! Tuesday, Aug. 11, from 7-9:30 pm at St. Mary’s Parish, Vancouver. Cost: $15. Coffee and snacks available. To register, visit or contact the Adult Evangelization and Discipleship Office at 604-683-0281.

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