Epiphany of the Lord, January 8

STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION – January 8th – Epiphany of the Lord
Today we celebrate the Epiphany – the revelation of Christ to all peoples. The Magi came to pay Jesus homage. The two essential elements of ‘paying homage’ are adoration and service. It’s not good enough to simply adore our Lord. Being intimately close to Him, as the Magi were that night, naturally inspires in us a desire to also serve Him. God has given us all awesome gifts. What treasure chest of gifts will you open up this year in the service of our Lord and His Church? We have been given an incredible gift in Jesus. How are you stewarding the gift of our Saviour? Why not share that gift in a way that brings even just one person who does not know Christ into the Church this year – now that’s a New Year’s Resolution!