Project Advance Continues to Build for our Parish

St. Stephen’s PROJECT ADVANCE – We continue to accept pledges at the parish office on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. You may also mail in your pledge or go online to make your donation. Thank you to all those who have donated this year.

Project Advance is a diocesan-wide annual appeal which seeks to provide resources for both diocesan and individual parish needs. Project Advance began in 1980 with Archbishop Carney’s vision of building a strong diocesan community. Its purpose was to provide the necessary resources to fund important capital projects within the Archdiocese. In later years, programs in the areas of education, social concerns and spiritual growth were added. Parishioners responded to this call for support with great generosity, and the fruits of their gifts can be seen and felt throughout the Archdiocese and in all parishes.

Under the guidance of our Steering Committee, comprised of clergy and laypersons, our pastors and the tireless work of parish volunteers, each year the Archdiocese and its parishes are able to go forward with many worthwhile capital and operational projects.

Project Advance provides the opportunity to promote the ideals of Christian stewardship, to become aware of our blessings, and to use them accordingly for the growth and benefit of God’s Kingdom in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Further, parishioners have become more aware of the needs beyond the boundaries of their own individual parishes. Project Advance enables them to share in reaching the goals of both the diocese and their own parish.