Bible Study And Humour: First Book of Kings

Bringing Scripture to Life in Today’s World – Fr. Jim Nisbet returns on March 20-22 to St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic centre at 3150 Ash Street, Vancouver, presenting the First Book of Kings. Advance registration required. See poster in the bulletin board for more information or go to

This is not your average Bible Study. Fr. Jim’s explanation of scripture is personally meaningful, nourishing both the heart and soul, no matter the stage of our faith journey. It is a fast-paced, line-by-line review, taking the original Hebrew cultural and religious thoughts, making them relevant to our lives, and easing our day-to-day struggles as we grow our faith in today’s world. All this through an inspirational speaking style, with a great sense of humour! Rates: Single Adults $75; Married Couples $140; and Day Rates $20 – $35.