Father’s Day on June 20

In his apostolic letter, Patris Corde, Pope Francis writes:

“Fathers are not born but made. A man does not become a father simply by bringing a child into the world, but by taking up the responsibility to care for that child. Whenever a man accepts responsibility for the life of another, in some way he becomes a father to that person.”

This Father’s Day, as we honour our own fathers and father figures, let us also remember those who have passed. On June 20, a special Father’s Day Mass will be celebrated at Gardens of Gethsemani in remembrance of deceased fathers and grandfathers.

Let us pray, through the intercession of St. Joseph, for all fathers; that, like him, they will care for those entrusted to them and raise them to walk the paths of life unaccompanied. Let us pray also for fathers who have passed away: that God’s mercy will be upon the deceased, and be a consolation to their bereaved family members.