Life in the Spirit Seminar

The Life in the Spirit Seminars are designed as an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. They provide an opportunity for people to learn more about that life, and to be helped in taking the first steps of a new relationship with the Lord.

For those who are not Christians, this can serve as an introduction to Christianity and a time to make a first commitment to Jesus Christ. For those who are already Christians, they offer help in finding a fuller release of the Holy Spirit to live a deeper Christian life.

The seminars are a series of talks and discussions which take place over a period of seven weeks. But more than a series of courses or lectures, the Life in the Spirit Seminars are a chance for Christians who have found a fuller life in the Holy Spirit to come together with people who want to know more about that life, to share with them, and to help them take the first steps of a new life themselves.


Every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm: it starts on February 16 and ends on March 30, 2023:

February 16 – Talk 1 – God’s Love
February 23 – Talk 2 – Salvation
March 2 – Talk 3 – New Life
March 9 – Talk 4 – Receiving God’s Gift
March 16 – Talk 5 – Praying for Baptism in the Holy Spirit March 23 – Talk 6 – Growth
March 30 – Talk 7 & Mass – Transformation in Christ

Registration is now closed, thank you for your interest.