Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry program has come a long way. They have built a comprehensive program that included three elements:
(1) a library;
(2) a new Sunday Mass intended specifically for the youth of the parish; and
(3) the youth groups.

The library was designed to provide solid Catholic Christian resources for families and individuals in pursuit of their spiritual growth. There are books, videos, DVDs, and music all for the purpose of bringing our faith back into our everyday lives.

St. Stephen’s Parish also has the Sunday evening Mass, known as the Youth Mass. We are counting on the Source and Summit of our Faith, the Eucharist, to unite us and lead the young people of our parish to a deeper and more intimate relationship with their Savior.


There are different youth groups in the Parish. The first, SURGE, is for boys and girls in Grades 5 to 7. They play laser tag, do bible studies, run car rallies, have sleepovers, and, wage jello wars.

We have also decided to bring “LifeTeen” to St. Stephen’s. “LifeTeen” is a unique world-wide program, specifically designed for teens. It is Eucharist based, orthodox and loyal to our Holy Father. LifeTeen’s very simple but demanding mandate is to bring teens closer to Christ, and that, coincidentally, is exactly what we would like to happen at St. Stephen’s.

LIFT is for young adults, both single or married. Previously it was limited to our youth leaders but now we would like to open it up to those in our parish who would like to come. We discuss why Catholicism is clashing so violently and frequently with our society. We take a closer look at various topics like “apologetics”, the sacraments, sexual integrity, NFP, and prayer. We meet all around Lynn Valley so please consider joining us.

In the past years we have seen lives change, hearts soften, and relationships build. Not only has God purified our hearts and brought us closer to Him, we see Him working and transforming our leadership team. We plan to keep the parish informed about our progress and activities on a regular basis. Thank you for your support and encouragement.